Mr. Dilip Phansikar Business Associates of New India Assurance Co Ltd, is a Commerce graduate from Mumbai University. His journey of Insurance started as Career Agent in 1975. He has attended many seminars, training from NIA Zonal training center at Mumbai. Also workshops related to insurance and investment.

He has been producing consistent business and most successful as insurance professional’s .The secret of his Success is Complete Support by his family.

Mr. Dilip Phansikar is renowned industry speaker encouraging young agents by delivering speeches at different branches and training centers as well as various organization to bring awareness among public. He is very active and energetic and creative in his work.

Mr. Dilip Phansikar believes in educating clients and by preparing excellent presentation as per individual and family requirements. Through his expertise and experience he selects best of planning after comparing various products of insurance. This helps policyholders to get insurance with proper provision to generate future assets.

Now Mr. Dilip Phansikar is committed to provide best of services to his clients through their website where each of his customer is able to view New Policy plans as well as Dilip’s portfolio , not only this but this website is also providing other valuable information related to taxation , latest government changes related to economy, budget and different investment and loan related calculations.

The motto of Mr. Dilip Phansikar is to continue to give best of services to their valuable Clients .

Mr. Dilip Phansikar

Mr. Dilip Phansikar

Business Associates (The New India Assurance Co Ltd)